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about me

Dreamy/AlexAroace demiboyThey/he/itOctober 13th
RomaniaEET/EESTRomanian, English, French
  • Although I listed French in other languages, please be aware that I am not good at this language so English is preferred when talking with me!

  • Please don't interact if you're a NSFW account.

  • Please ask before using my art and credit me by mentioning my handle.

  • Aspiring artist who also sometimes does covers, rarely composes music, and writes.

  • Feel free to DM to discuss anything! But please be aware I am not so good at small talk so I apologize if I seem awkward.

  • I tend to hyperfixate over a lot of things, I do not control the rot.

  • We believe in silliness here, sir.


Fave media
Sonic the Hedgehog, NiGHTS, Hollow Knight, Amphibia, Steven Universe, The Owl House, Infinity Train, Kirby, MAD RAT DEAD, UT/DR, Balan Wonderworld
neon colors (especially pink, purple, magenta, blue), pastels, fun color palettes, symbolism, nights, a lot of music genres (too many to count), dreamy aesthetics, cats, rain, magical girls, body horror/gore, eyestrainart (obviously), character design (especially outfits), listening to music, writing, being silly, talking about whatever is currently rotting my brain, having fun with color palettes

about my work

  • I primarily draw digitally in CSP, but I can draw traditionally too.

  • Here is a link to my most used CSP brushes! I recommend editing them to your liking though, as stated in the description.

  • For my traditional artwork, I mostly use watercolors, aqua markers, colored pencils, and alcohol markers for coloring, and for lineart I use colored pencils, fineliners (sepia or black, might use other colors for details), and ballpoint pens.

  • Besides drawing, I also write and make covers.

  • My music and audio work is made with Musescore, Audacity, Bandlab, and Cakewalk.

On-going projectsProjects I worked on
Death of a Shooting Star (Sonic AU)IDW Issue #50 cover collab

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